Wordland 2 is published

wordland two cover art

Wordland 2 from the Exaggerated Press has been released as a free on-line version, with accompanying ePub, Kindle and paperback versions available to purchase. Inside you’ll find stories by both Gavin and Samantha, amongst others, on the theme of ‘Hi Honey, I’m home.’

New Book!

Gavin being presented with Light Reading

I’m just on my way home from a presentation at the Diamond Synchrotron in Oxfordshire, where I received a copy of my first story in print, with my gorgeous wife Samantha by my side. The Brink of Destruction is included in the anthology ‘Light Reading’.

and there’s the third piece of good news

After the Flash Fiction competition last year, where I was short-listed in the top five for “The Brink of Destruction” I didn’t hear any more and so forgot all about it. I just recieved an email inviting me to attend a special event at the Diamond Synchrotron in September where I’ll be presented with my copy of the anthology and treated to a tour of the facility.

Monster Book for Girls Published!

The anthology ‘Monster Book for Girls’ is now available in paperback, hardback and e-book formats. Samantha’s short story ‘Sarah’s to do list’ features in this book and marks her debut as a published author. You can read about and/or buy the book from here.