About us

Our Media Appearances

Samantha and I have made various appearances in the media over the years, here is a selection:

Channel 4’s Come Dine With Me – Royal Wedding Special

The Sun newspaper – Groomzilla


My past

I was educated at Dartford Grammar School and left education immediately after GCSEs.
I worked in and out of Sales jobs for a few years, then went to work with my Dad as an electrician’s mate for a while. From there I joined the British Army and trained as a Soldier and a Helicopter Engineer. I got married and had three lovely children (Laura, James and Emma).
Ten years on I left the Army and began writing for Westlands Helicopters. From there moved to Norfolk and into software Technical Writing. I’ve helped coach junior rugby teams and athletics teams at various points. Also began learning to dance.
Unfortunately my marriage failed and after about a year, I packed in my job, set up a business and moved to London.

My now

Over four years later, the business has been successful and I’m in constant work. Thanks to dancing, I have a wonderful wife, Samantha and now we are a family (part-time) of eight! My three (Laura, James and Emma) and Samantha’s Jacob, Isaac and Rebecca.
We had a vintage themed wedding in August, organised by me, and I’m part-time writing my novel and short-stories. Samantha has also joined me in the short-story writing and we’re looking forward to seeing our work in print.

My future

Well, there’s a question! Obviously I would love for my fiction writing to be successful enough to take over from the technical writing, but I actually love doing the writing and sharing stories with Samantha, so it won’t be the end of the world if I’m not the next Stephen King :D